This shrunken year

It’s hard to quantify this year in reading, or writing, or things watched. Those things definitely happened, just not with much intent. In fact our spring and early summer were spent in stasis, the first wave experienced mainly through the lens of my day job, and everything else paused, slowed or abandoned. We’ve been fortunate in most ways, but I’m not sure anyone is unchanged. All the same, we’ve felt closer to the seasons, and to smaller things. If life shrunk in every way, it helped us see more.

Here’s a shot for each month since March – my best-of list for 2020.

Crowden, late March.

Cock Hill trig pillar, mid April.

Torside Clough, May.

Back on Crowden, June.

Edale, July.

August, camping in Dorset.

September up the Nab, overlooking Manchester.

Mill Hill’s Liberator wreck in October.

November rainbow.

December at Bottoms reservoir, Tintwistle.

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