Zero Bomb and The Breach to Titan Books

Massively excited to write that Titan Books have acquired my next two novels for UK/US publication in 2019 and 2020.

Zero Bomb (March 2019) is a paranoid near-future SF mystery set between London, Birmingham and the fringes of Manchester. It concerns ‘news trauma’, neo-Luddite terrorism, crap parenting, ‘70s British SF and a very strange fox.

There’s a cover reveal and short extract from Zero Bomb up at here.

The Breach, meanwhile, is my take on a first-contact story. It’s about a local journalist investigating the death of a climber, and a trainee steeplejack with an unhealthy interest in urban exploration. Fairies, body horror, a massive space elevator scam, completely made-up fall arrest technology… and other fun stuff.

Both books share a fictional northern town called Dillock (which happily rhymes with pillock), but they’re otherwise standalone, and don’t have anything to do with my first two.

They’re also going to be published under a new pen name: M.T. Hill.

Hoping to share more soon, but for now I’m feeling excited and very fortunate to be joining Titan’s list.

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