A wild Graft appears

After a mild print hiccup delayed the UK print run, Graft is now officially launched in all Angry Robot territories. I think I’m allowed to breathe again.


Ebook, US, UK. And a nice rug. Not pictured: an estranged audiobook.

As part of our publicity assault drive, I had a short essay published on SF Signal that delves into the responsibilities of writing fiction based on bleak reality, along with a piece at Upcoming4me about the car theft that inspired the book. Two more Q&As with me went up at MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape and My Bookish Ways, too.

I’m also happy to say there’s an official launch do happening at Waterstones Deansgate, Manchester, on Thursday March 24th. Angry Robot has organised this to coincide with Eastercon 2016, which is in Manchester this year. If you’re about that evening, pop in for some wine and my first public reading from the book!

And that’s it. Angry Robot have done such a lovely job of the book, and I’m proud as anything to see it out there. Back down the mine from next week.

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