Nearly there…


Most writers would probably agree that an impending release causes a strange mix of excitement and anxiety. So it feels ace that with only a few weeks until Graft is published, some reviews and mentions are starting to pop up around the internets.

In its review, Publishers Weekly says Graft ‘captures the dark underbelly of Manchester in visceral prose’, and that the book’s world is ‘tinged with a sense of foreboding in this refreshing take on a futuristic mystery’.

Bad Cantina gives the book a thoughtful, positive write-up, too:

The world of Graft is a fascinating place to be. Hill’s deft writing immerses the reader in an abrasive, desperate universe, where corruption is rife and ethics are murky. Sol and Y are striving to get by, despite the avalanches of callousness and greed thrown their way, and their efforts are achingly relatable. Graft is dark and perilous, but it contains pure beams of love and beauty which gleam well beyond the final page.

(Following my earlier interview at SFF World, there’s also an interview with me at Bad Cantina where we go into flatpack furniture and austerity.)

The lovely people at NetGalley UK include Graft in their top-ten UK books released in February, calling it ‘a brilliant piece of dystopian futurism’ and ‘science fiction at its most astute’.

Carabas also include the novel in their new book recommends for February.

And then the brilliant Nina Allan mentions Graft in her excellent round-up of 2015 novels:

Hill’s mean and broken future Manchester is pretty inimitable. You’ll meet some amazing characters navigating some profoundly dangerous situations in an environment of true weirdness that has a touch of the William Gibsons about it whilst at the same time presenting a science fiction that’s very personal, very British. In a word, it’s fantastic.

All this and I got my hands on a physical copy of the diddy US edition, which I love to bits.

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