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I’ve been dying to share the remarkable cover for Graft, designed by World Fantasy Award-winning artist John Coulthart, since I saw it a fortnight or so ago. Except it isn’t actually one cover, but three. The Angry Robot team liked three of John’s colourways so much that they’re using one for each edition. So, the UK edition will take the violet, the US edition will take the blue, and the ebook will use the red. 

The Barnes and Noble blog has the US cover reveal and an exclusive extract. And SFF World has the UK edition, plus an interview with me about the book and writing in general.

GRAFT UK cover

GRAFT US coverGRAFT ebook cover

Honestly, I couldn’t be more chuffed with how it looks. So much of the book is going on in there, and to have someone of John’s talent working on your stuff is beyond special. (Fun fact: John has also done art for Hawkwind.)

Graft goes up on NetGalley very soon, which means reviewers can get their hands on it. Parp!

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