GRAFT to Angry Robot

Y 2

I’m proud and giddy to announce that Angry Robot Books has picked up my second SF novel, Graft.

Set in the same alt-future Manchester as The Folded Man (but seven years on, and, save a few familiar faces, not a sequel), Graft follows a local mechanic called Sol who’s caught up in a human trafficking conspiracy when he finds a three-armed woman called Y.

Graft will be published as a paperback original and ebook in the UK and US in early 2016. And if the rest of Angry Robot’s books are anything to go by, it’ll look flipping ace too.

The official Angry Robot announcement is over here, and on The Bookseller here, but unofficially I can say it’s blissful (and a bit terrifying) to know it’s going to be on the shelves and (hopefully) in readers’ hands. This novel’s been a long time in the works, and I can’t wait to share more.

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