What goes up


After cosmic launches in Waterstones and Daunt Books, I’ve had a few quiet days to smile about everything in the world, ever.

Now the book’s out, surreal is the main theme: it’s done, it’s out, it’s on its way. It’s in people’s hands — a few strangers’ hands, even. And there are so many lovely things to replay; to feel so lucky about. Walking to Daunt Books in posho west London and seeing that window display was trippy, dizzying. Heading into Deansgate Manchester — where I’ve always daydreamed about having a book on a shelf — and being shown to our event room… The amazing Caroline Smailes interviewing me.

And then you read back over your messages. I’m so flipping grateful for the support, the tweets, the emails I got, and for the reviews it’s had already — here in The List, here on Litro, here on Craig Stone’s blog, a few kind souls on Amazon. (While we’re at it, I’m over on Caroline’s blog talking about Manchester, too.)

But there’s a little but. There’s a slight comedown. A tiny weeny bit of fear about how certain people will take it. There’s also a question: What next? Because loitering behind this screen there’s another novel waiting to be finished. The feeling that this one’s sailed, but there’s another broken ship waiting in the dock.

Anyway, I’d go on some more, but Laura Lam already nailed it all down in a beautifully frank blog post this week. So have a gander at that instead.

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