100 RPM

Not long back, Caroline Smailes put out a submission call for 100-word pieces of fiction inspired by songs on the YouTubes. Every penny from the resulting anthology would go to One in Four – an important charity that supports victims of sexual abuse and violence.

From today, you can buy the finished anthology as an e-book from Amazon. It’s called 100 RPM; it features handsome Mr Kershaw from the 1980s; and in there you’ll find a hundred stories including ‘Toilet Reading’ by me, which is mainly about moles, but not those little buggers who ruin lawns.

My story draws inspiration from The Rat, by The Walkmen, which is a prickly song that reminds me of a prickly person. But it’s not mine you should download 100 RPM for: this is a sparkling collection and it’s well worth your quids. Or quid.

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