Zero Bomb’s away

Zero Bomb is published today by the lovely crew at Titan Books, and is now available in all your favourite places.

It’s a book I didn’t quite see coming: I started writing it in January 2017 and finished the first draft late that summer – pretty fast by my usual standards. But the real writing comes in editing, and it was only ready for initial submission as a novel called Automatic England about five months and two extra drafts after that. Just over a year later, and here, somehow, we are. It’s a beautifully made thing – including that genius art by Julia Lloyd – with a set of blurbs I’m still pinching myself over. As ever, there’s a weird sense of exposure, excitement and anxiety. Most of all, though, I feel privileged and immensely grateful to everyone involved. I hope people like it.

Looking ahead, I’ll be at Eastercon in Heathrow over the Easter weekend, and in Derby for Edge-Lit in July. Then, in August, I’m hopping over to Dublin for my very first Worldcon – assuming it’s still possible to leave the country.

For more about Zero Bomb, head over here.